RefleX is an innovative and effective method to increase immediate blood circulation and reduce wrinkles of the skin without any pain or side-effects. Using this proven technique of local blood flow stimulation, your cells will get revitalized and naturally strengthen. It can be used against gum problems in the mouth or externally on the body.

How does Reflex work?

RefleX trains over thirty facial muscles in just one minute of training per day while using it in the mouth. In order to allow the stressed muscles the necessary rest for regeneration, it is advisable to rest for 24 hours after each session. This prevents “overtraining” of the muscles. RefleX is an effective, painless and side-effect-free method to reduce the severity of wrinkles and to stimulate local blood flow where other techniques are not sufficient.

How do mechanical vibrations affect our skin and the underlying tissue?

Vibration training is already used with great success for a variety of medical treatments. With vibrations, body tissue, e.g. muscles, skin, bones and nerves, can be trained and strengthened. Vibration training also produces hormones that break down fat tissue and strengthen connective tissue. Every muscle has a stretch reflex, this effect is used in the RefleX vibrations. The vibration increases keratin production and makes the skin firmer. In addition, the blood vessels widen due to vibrations, visible on the pink skin after “training” and noticeable as a slight tingling sensation.

How can you
reduce the aging process?

There are no silver bullets for aging, although many products claim it is. Some people are blessed with firm skin into old age, while others’ skin ages earlier. Genetic factors and environmental influences are mostly responsible for this. Outside of our genetic makeup, however, we can positively influence the speed and size of wrinkles, ideally through muscle training and a healthy diet. We can do a lot to keep our skin taut for as long as possible.

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